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November 9, 2015

Clearly weekends and blogging don’t go together for me. I was out all day Friday until late and then so busy with family weekend stuff that I didn’t get a chance to write anything.

I prefer to write when I am alone in the house, and today is the first time since last Thursday that I am. It is actually something that I never really thought about but now I have I know to set aside time for blogging during the day when everyone is out.

Something that I am happy to do when people are around is draw and paint and try and fill up my sketchbook. Over the summer I took part in thye first 4 modules of Jennie Maizels Sketchbook Club. It was so much fun, perfect to get me started creating. And when I was having all of my bad anxiety attacks during the summer it was the one thing that could help me switch off for a while and just get into the zone and draw / paint / collage. It has become part of my life now, something that I enjoy doing as well as something that helps me cope on the tricky days.

Over the summer I completed each of the four modules at least twice. Here are some of my pages. Click on the hashtags to see all the pages shared on Instagram. I love seeing how different everyone’s are.

I highly recommend Sketchbook Club. Even if you think you cannot draw Jennie makes it easy for you. Rumor is that she is hard at work creating part 2 and I for one am very excited. Piran and Kate both joined in in their own way and I love some of their pictures. It was a lovely thing to do all together.


sketchbookclub houses 1

sketchbookclub houses


sketchbookclub fish

sketchbookclub fish 1


sketchbookclub washing line

sketchbookclub washing line 1


sketchbookclub bugs 1

sketchbookclub bugs

I have been carrying on too. Here is a spread that I created yesterday. I wanted to capture Autumn in some way, and record something about Kate and school. The words are from a song that her class sang when we were invited into their classroom a couple weeks ago.

autumn leaves

Hope you like them.

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