Skiving at work

July 7, 2005

Back to work today. Feeling better than yesterday but still not 100% and full of beans. Must be getting better though as I have an overwhelming urge to go out and drink some beer this evening. No such luck though. Food shopping at Tesco and an early night no doubt!

Work is particually dull at the moment. Have spent the morning emailing and catching up with people that I have been slack keeping in touch with recently. This afternoon I am dragging out every little bit of work and trying to look busy! Hence the blog. I don’t even have anything exciting to say just feel like waffling on.

Missing Jon loads this week. He is in Bristol but will be back on Friday evening. Some weeks I hardly notice he is gone and then I get a week like this one where I am ill and down and missing him like crazy. Should be a good weekend though, we have a stag do to go to (yes I am a girl and yes I am invited) and I get to see his new house so that is quite exciting.

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