Solitude with Good Company

December 22, 2016


Remember me?

I know. It has been a while.

Along the way something has changed. I have lost the will to blog. After being a blogger for so long, this feels weird. Writing about myself and my life has been so much a part of this life for so long that there is a part of me that wants to think that this is just a lull. As my fingers fly across the keys it feels so perfect and familiar. And yet something has changed. I even gave my blog a new header and a facelift and….meh.

Perhaps it is Instagram and how I love sharing our lives in a visual way that stops me blogging. I am partial to a long rambling caption. I think that they call that micro blogging. I call it all I have time for. I still have things to say, but I don’t have the time or the inclination to craft a post about a subject, giving it a beginning, middle and end. I have passing thoughts that I forget to write down and when it comes to it I have forgotten what I actually wanted to say on the subject. Or I am a month out of date. I just end up feeling cross and frustrated.

I have been pondering on this subject and had decided that perhaps smaller is better. And then suddenly I came across Tiny Letter.

And this quote that I love popped into my mind.


So, after eleven years and five months I am going to try something new. I still have a few posts to share on A Place Of My Own, but as of next week  (or you know, when someone subscribes) I will be sharing my life via an electronic letter to my friends – my readers. So, if you follow this blog, like my posts, or follow me on IG or Twitter and want to know more then you can subscribe. I cannot promise I will write every week and I don’t even know what I will write but I would expect to see a peek at what I have been making, the goings on at our house and things that have made me smile recently. A letter from me to you.

I love the idea of sitting down once in a while, just me on my own talking to you all, writing you a letter. I hope you like the idea too.

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