St Erth Duck Race

April 15, 2013

We spent the whole of Easter in Cornwall with my family. I haven’t managed to sort my photos or write about any of it yet, last week disappeared in a flash. The freezing cold weather scuppered our holiday plans somewhat but we still tried to make the most of our time there. Every Good Friday they have a Duck Race in the village and it is years since I have been so I was looking forward to going despite the rather chilly wind.

It all started off with an Easter Egg hunt on the lane down to the starting bridge. Unfortunately just moments after we left the house Piran fell and hurt his hand so insisted on staying in the buggy the entire time with his hand held in the air (and for the preceding few days!). I still found him a brightly coloured egg though so he could swap it for a chocolate one at the top of the lane. He managed to eat some chocolate too, poor mite.


It was so nice to have Mr C there too. As he was away so much last year I spent quite a bit of time with my family without him there so having two whole weeks together was wonderful.


Kate was strapped into my mum’s spare buggy – I don’t trust her around water and crowds, she has a tendency to wander off and do her own thing! She found an egg too.


The man with the loud haler gave the starting orders.


And in the ducks went.


The river was quite high and therefor quite fast. At low tide things are much slower. We were glad of that because we were quite cold by this point!


Then all we had to do was follow the ducks (and the crazy men in wetsuits, rather them than me) down the river to see if any of us won. Mum had bought all of her grandchildren a duck and one for herself.


It was a nice slow walk and we got to catch up with everyone as we went along. I miss living somewhere like that, where most faces are familiar and everyone has a hello. With Mr C there we even got a couple of pictures of me.


This is me and my baby brother. I still think of him that way even though he has his own business and two children! I don’t get to see him much so it was nice to walk and chat.


Typically, my mum, who didn’t even come with us but hid in the warm and peace and quiet managed to have the duck that came second and won £10. Afterward we all piled back to Mum’s for Asian Beef Stew and Chicken Korma to thaw us all out. There was 15 of us, and it gets very loud but I love it when we are all together, I miss it so much when we are back at home.

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