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March 28, 2014


Do you like watching TV? I do but since I was in my late teens I have had a love of TV box sets in particular. I just love getting completely wrapped up in the characters and storylines. My addiction started with Star Trek – Voyager and Deep Space Nine to be precise (on VHS too, none of this fancy DVD lark back then). Then Buffy and Angel. In the end I purposely stopped watching weekly episodes just so I could gorge on the whole series once the box set came out. ‘Just one more’ became such familiar words with friends as we stayed up much too late on a school (well work) night.

The invention of Netflix and box sets on Sky now means I am never short of something to watch. Right now I am fully emersed in Season 1 of Elementary – and I am watching against the clock the whole series is deleted from Sky at the end of the month. I am also watching Chuck Season 1 and Covert Affairs Season 3 on Netflix. I watch lots when I am sewing, once I have listened to all of the Radio 4 programmes that have been suggested to me by my clever friends Emily and Victoria.

And so, I thought I would draw your attention to the two posts that make up Sally “Who’s the Mummy” Whittle’s 40 Box Sets to see Before You’re 40. First up was teen drama; family drama; guilty pleasures; comedy. And the second post is supernatural, sci-fi, and (vaguely) medical and legal drama, along with a couple of shows she didn’t quite know where to place.

I have just counted and I have seen 17/40. With only 4 and a bit years until I am 40 I had better get watching!

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