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June 20, 2014


It has been too long since I did one of these posts. Every week I email myself stuff or bookmark it and I just never get round to it. So I am going to try and do it on the go – start a draft post every week and fill it in as I see stuff and then publish on a Friday.

Fingers crossed that will work better. Because there is some brilliant stuff out there that I really want to share.

This post made me nod and smile and laugh. Being your own cheerleader, or why mums areĀ amazing on Walking on the Moon.

Education reforms are dish of the day on Head in Book this week – On lazy soup and not-so-lazy parents. This says everything I wish I had the brain power to say so eloquently.

I go on about Cornwall a lot but Laura shared two posts {part 1} and {part 2} that made me happy and homesick all at once. Thankfully I was headed that way myself too. The perfect mix of beautiful words and stunning photographs. This is how I want my blog to be when it grows up.

Hope you have time to read and enjoy these posts. Do let me know if you have anything you think I would like to read or see or watch that has been stuck in your mind this week.

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