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June 27, 2014


Happy Friday everyone.

My first treat for you this week is a new blog that has been started by Emily and her family called The Mudpie Diaries. All about their family allotment, cooking and children I can’t wait to see how this one progresses. I already love the photographs of feral, muddy children and the fact that it is written by both Emily and Dan. One to follow with interest.

I really enjoyed Lauren Laverne’s new column in The Observer last weekend. At first the title ‘Having a baby will simplify your life‘ had me frowning and shaking my head but by the end I had come round to her way of thinking with a few laughs on the way.

Little Lewes is a local blog about things to do with small people in the Lewes area and I love all of Kate’s suggestions. Not so interesting for those that live further afield but this week she did a great post about Bringing Children’s Books Alive which was started by Hattie at Free our Kids. Inspired by Matisse: Bringing ‘Henri’s Scissors’ to Life is a great post and I am really going to try and think of some that we could do. I think this would be a brilliant idea for the sumnmer holidays if I can organise myself.

And finally there is Victoria writing On Joy. I love her writing and this post is no exception. I love the summer and walking barefoot and there are so many things in my life that bring me joy if I just take time to notice them. This week – summer rain, the smell of rain on hot Tarmac, Hollyhocks flowering, walking to school, making beautiful things, making bunting really quickly, bouncing on the jumping pillows with Kate.

Have wonderful weekends x

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