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July 7, 2014


Happy Friday everyone.

*cough* Happy Monday Everyone.

Seems I completely missed Friday (in my defense there was the school fayre and ice lolly Friday and a course I am going to, and some rather pokey Pimms at the school fayre….)
Also with Mr C away in Athens (I know. Lucky Sod) time for perusing the internet has passed me by somewhat. However this post caught my eye last night so I thought I would share it now.

Picture this: In defence of the selfie.

Great points that made me nod and think.

And I would like to add my own opinion. For me, selfies are the best thing since Smart Phones because finally I am in the pictures. And I don’t just mean 4,573 photos of my feet as Piran has my phone again. I mean happy smiling silly photos that are full of my family. I am in the frame and let’s be honest if it wasn’t me taking pictures of me then there would be a lot less of them to see. A lot less to stick in our albums to be looked through by my family, my children and hopefully their children in the future. I don’t want it to be “Where’s Mum?” I want it to be “There’s Mum with that great big stupid smile on her face”.

I make myself look past the crows feet and bags under my eyes. No one else ‘Sees’ them as I see them. They see a family shot full of love and happiness. They see a tender moment between child and parent. They see me out there, doing the things that I love, sharing the things that make me smile.


Yep some people might think the selfie is a conceited way of showing off. Not round here it is not. It is our very own way of saying:


Normal service will resume this Friday**.

*Yep. That’s right. We have our own selfie hashtag. Instagram doesn’t get better than this.
**If I remember it is Friday of course.

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