April 30, 2011

A while ago I wrote a post about all of the things that I had been making recently.

I know my limits however and there are some things that I am not that good at. Knitting is one. I have taught myself to crochet but it’s a process and I am still progressing.

So, my cunning plan is now swapping!

Firstly, I made a handy crochet hook roll for @treblecrochet.

And she in turn sent me the most amazing baby blanket for Thumper. It is so wonderfully soft, brilliant colours, not too pink and just so sweet with the ‘Aloha’ and the crochet flowers.

Then I asked the very lovely MummyLimited to knit Thumper a little cardigan because I really wanted something sweet and special for her, and I wanted it to look good. If anyone saw my attempt at knitting a baby blanket for Piran they would understand. I spent an evening sewing up the holes to make that look presentable!

Isn’t it just gorgeous? I can’t wait to have a picture of the baby wearing it. For now I can just hold it up against the bump.

In return I stuck to my strengths and made her a blanket / playmat for her baby due in a month. Gorgeous owl fabric on one side, fleece on the other. Turns out it was exactly what she needed which made it even more wonderful.

It was great to make things for people that I knew would love and appreciate them, and also great to get something really special in return. Thumper is a very lucky baby with lots of lovely things.

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