T…Take more portraits of my family

January 16, 2015


Well it seems that floods and other disasters really knock the daily blogging. I feel more centered again today and feel like I can put the stress behind me. And so I am catching up a little with two blog posts today, and looking forward to a weekend at home with my family.

And so onto my Alphabet of Intentions for this year. Starting off with T is for Taking more portraits of my family. I took so many portraits of the children in 2013 when I took part in the 52 project and I really missed doing it last year, without the deadline of a weekly post I just didn’t take the photos. However, in 2013 I felt that I was publishing photos I wasn’t really that happy with because I needed one from each week. One extreme to the other really.

I love using the blog to record the children’s lives and usually I do this through my letters to them. Over the past year or two I have found these harder to write because there is so much to capture and I always worry it will be too long, I won’t get it all in, I might miss something important….the list goes on.

And so I had a thought, something that I want to try this year to see if it works for me and this space. I plan to take portrait shots of both children and then at the end of each month, chose my favourite of the month and then post it with a short letter or text about each child that month. Hopefully that will be the happy medium. I am excited to start and have already taken some pictures that I love this month which is a great feeling. Perhaps I will even get a few of Mr C as well, you never know.

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  • Reply Susan Mann January 16, 2015 at 1:49 pm

    Hugs lovely, take your time and enjoy your family. Blogging and photos will come and you are so good at it. xx

    • Reply Kelly January 17, 2015 at 2:33 pm

      Thank you that is a lovely thing to say.

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