Technically challenged

February 2, 2011

My brain is dribbling out of my ears.

I have a ‘normal’ Facebook account but I don’t want this blog linked to it because I am not so ready for all real life people to get to know the inner workings of my brain. You lot however are more than welcome. Mainly because you just get it.

Anyway, it wasn’t quite what I thought I was doing but I seem to have set up another account for me. Send me a friend request if you like me 🙂

And then I have set up a ‘page‘ for this blog which if you should be so kind as to ‘Like’ (there is a handy box thing on the right in my sidebar I hope, that makes this part easy for you) I would be very happy indeed. I may even stop scowling and smile a bit, you never know.

You wouldn’t want to upset a crazy pregnant lady would you?

Edited: Ah ha ha ha. Have had to come back and add the links. What a plum. Guess I had it right with the title eh?

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