#theyearinbooks {July}

July 6, 2014

I had planned to read something other than just my usual type of books in June but it was a very hectic month and I didn’t even pick up a book until the end of the month. And so I ended up reading two that had been hanging around for months.

Meet Me At The Cupcake Cafe – Jenny Colgan

I just couldn’t quite get into this one. I did read it to the end but I can’t really say I enjoyed it and the bit at the very end seemed completely pointless. Odd because I do¬† usually like her books.

Diva’s Don’t Knit – Gill McNeil

I enjoyed this a bit more – did get caught up in the story a bit and had to keep reading. Some good characters that I liked reading. The narrators voice was a bit intense at times – the sentences are long and rambly. This stays consistent through the book so it is obviously the main character’s personality but I just found reading it a bit full on at times. A nice read.

July books

Bit of a rubbish month really. I bought myself a book on art journalling last week which I was very interested to read but I have put it down somewhere and I can’t find it. Bloody annoying. We have a new Waterstones in Lewes (it has a cafe – what shop in Lewes would be complete without one – but you pay for your books at the same counter that you order coffee and buy cake. This is wrong. I don’t want crumbs on a book I am yet to read anything of.) I have been meaning to go and spend a while perusing for something to read. I have promised to buy myself a copy of Kate Atkinson’s Life after Life because I listened to it as an audiobook but for the first time ever I feel that I need to actually read it too. So maybe that can be this month’s book. It is also my birthday in July so maybe I will get something book like as a present.

In the meantime I did a mad dash into the library and grabbed these three. Small children were harrassing me and begging to let them take out books that they couldn’t read and wouldn’t enjoy so I hardly know what I have got.

#theyearinaudiobooks {June}

The Silkworm – Robert Galbraith (loved it).

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