#theyearinbooks {June}

June 3, 2014

Well last month I didn’t read a thing until we were on holiday when we found ourselves with no wifi, 3G or anything. It did feel like having a limb removed but luckily I had plenty of reading and sewing to keep me busy.

In the end I didn’t read any of the paperbacks I had put aside for last month. Mostly because I forgot to pack them. Which is sad because before children books would have been the first thing I packed to go away. This time I remembered their books but not mine. Thankfully I had the review copy the Emily Organ had sent me that I could read via my Kindle app.


The Last Day – Emily Organ

I wasn’t entirely sure that this book would be for me. I don’t think that I would have picked it up off a shelf and bought it. Although I do love the cover (I know, I know, don’t judge and all that). But I am really glad that I did read it.

If I am honest I read the first few pages and I really didn’t like George and I almost gave up. It was a good job I had nothing to read and went back to it as after the first couple of chapters I was hooked and really started to enjoy it. I loved how your first impressions of the characters weren’t necessarily the right ones and as you learn more about their lives, as they reminisce of the past I found I had a greater sympathy to them. Particularly the letters that George writes, they really changed my opinion of him and who he was as a person.

The book was amusing at times and I loved how it was set in the 1980’s, there were some really great references. It kept me guessing up to the end and when I finished it I was pleasantly surprised by how much I had enjoyed it.

Emily has self published this book on Kindle and you can purchase The Last Day via Amazon for £2.29 at present.

Little Beach Street Bakery – Jenny Colgan

I just grabbed this off the shelf in a supermarket when we were away. I know I like her books so I thought this would be a good holiday read. I didn’t realise at the time that it was set in Cornwall so that was a lovely surprise. I really enjoyed this book, and even when we had internet access I chose to read this instead. Which after 3 days of no internet is saying something!  A light an easy read I loved the main character and being reminded of home.


I really don’t know what I want to read in June. I fancy a change from the very easy to read chick lit books that I seem to be reading each month. But I don’t know what sort of change. Time for a trip to the library to find something I suppose. Or, maybe I will just go and see what everyone else has been reading for #theyearinbooks and find something different to read. It is a bit of a busy month with my brother getting married (and me being a bridesmaid) but here’s hoping that I get time to read.

#theyearinaudiobooks {May}

Dreams of Gods and Monsters: Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy, Book 3 – Laini Taylor

I will be back in July to tell you what I found to read for a change. Linking up with Circle of Pine Trees for #theyearinbooks.

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    Thank you for the review Kelly x

  • Reply Laura July 1, 2014 at 9:10 pm

    I’ll have to look out the Emily Organ book. Just need to appropriate my husbands Kindle… x

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