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May 11, 2014

It feels a bit different writing this post this month because I actually met the wonderful Laura from Circle of Pines at Blogtacular (much more on that later). Plus it is suddenly the 10th May which is mind boggling. Where did that third of a month go?

So my books for April were:

A Female Genius: How Ada Lovelace, Lord Byron’s Daughter, Started the Computer Age – James Essinger
I gave up. Non fiction rarely holds my interest and even though I was interested in the subject I stopped reading half way through.

The Accident – C.L.Taylor
Loved this book. I am not one for thrillers or suspense but as my lovely friend Cally wrote this I had to try. And I devoured it in just over a day. I really enjoyed it, and it was definitely a page turner. Written from the point of view of a sometimes unreliable narrator it kept me guessing as as it jumped from the past to the present chapter by chapter I was always wanting to read on to find out what would happen next. Brilliant. It has done brilliantly in the Kindle charts and made Cally a very happy lady indeed. I’ve bought the paperback as well as the e version so I can get my copy signed one day.

The Memory Book – Rowan Coleman
Oh this book was mesmerising and beautiful and heart warming and sad. I cried quite often. Such a compelling story and beautiful characters. It is a story that cannot really have a happy ending but still left me on a high. A wonderful insight into relationships particularly those between mothers and daughters and what we will do for the ones we love. Read it.


So for May I have these three. One I picked up in Tesco on a whim, and two given to me by a friend to read. I find myself not really into reading which is odd, but not too odd as my to do list is groaning and there is so much going on this month. The good thing is that it is half term the last week of May and we are going away so with less to distract me away from home hopefully I will get some reading done.

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And at the last minute a fellow blogger, Emily Organ, who I have known for quite a few years contacted me and asked if I would like to read a copy of her self published book – The Last Day. You can find out more on her blog

‘When George was eleven years old he dreamt the date of his death: September 12th 1985. Now he’s fifty three and that day has arrived. He’s a successful estate agent but unhappily married to his wife Patricia. His daughter, Sarah, doesn’t want anything to do with him because he disapproves of her planned marriage. George knows he has just one last day to patch up his broken family. In theory it would be simple, but Patricia and Sarah have been hiding secrets of their own.

George has messed up a few times in his life and has procrastinated over fixing his mistakes. He’s made some enemies in his business and personal relationships and their resentment has been brewing. Unknown to George, a number of people are planning to kill him today. But where does the real threat lie: from a business rival or someone much closer to him? There will be at least one attempt on his life. George faces a race against time to make amends with his family before encountering a possibly fatal incident. Can he get through the day unscathed or will his childhood premonition come true?’

#theyearinaudiobooks {April}

Life after Life – Kate Atkinson

I will be back in June to tell you how I got on, and letting you know what I thought of Emily’s book. Linking up with Circle of Pine Trees for #theyearinbooks.


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