Things they say and do: Cats and Dogs

June 1, 2012

Driving along in the car.
Piran: Look Mummy! Sheep dogs.
Me: Oh well they do look a bit like sheep, but they are called Poodles.

At my mum’s house where they have a cat.
Piran: *indecipherable chatter to cat*
Piran: Mummy, I have been talking to the cat and I have said that she is allowed to come and stay at our house.
Me: Well what would Grandma and Grandad Derek do, wouldn’t they be lonely?
Piran: No but well the cat come live with us. Our house.
Me: No. I don’t think so honey, Daddy is allergic to cats and we don’t really want a pet right now.
Piran: *sigh*
Piran (to cat): *smiles* It’s okay my mum said yes.

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