Those magical moments in pregnancy #4

March 11, 2011

My motto when pregnant is never leave anywhere without going to the toilet first.

Which is why, after a doctors appointment for Piran a week or so ago I made use of the facilities before heading home. It’s a single, disabled style toilet in the waiting room.

I shut myself and Piran in and sat down on the toilet and proceeded to do the necessary. Piran then proceeded to wander over to the door, turn the lock and press down on the handle. The door swung open revealing me to the packed waiting room.

I have never stopped peeing and pulled my trousers up so fast! No mean feat for a 7 month pregnant woman I tell you.

I slammed the door shut and held onto him while I finished what I had started. I still had to do the walk of shame through the waiting room afterwards though.

So embarrassing!

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