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December 16, 2010

I have been grumbling about something for the past few weeks and I just haven’t managed to get it out of my head and onto the page. This time of year is not conducive to blogging at all, other than the millions of posts that seem to be filling my google reader with however many days of Christmas from Next. I am afraid that I have simply skipped past most of them.

One thing that I have liked to see are the various posts with suggestions for unusual and interesting Christmas presents. I was quite organised this year so some came too late for me, such as the great stocking filler suggestions from Bambino Goodies but I have made a note for next year. Littlestuff’s blog have done a great Bestest Christmas Gift Ideas series of posts and there were many things that I coveted, like this wonderful hot water bottle and although I am a grown up I want a Maileg Mouse it it’s little matchbox so much. I love these gift guides as they direct me to internet shops that I have never heard of and there is always so much choice of interesting gifts for everyone in your life.

I don’t know about you but there is one thing in the run up to Christmas that I hate so much. The dreaded call from friends and family asking what we would like for Christmas. It was bad enough when it was just Mr C and I but now with Piran as well it makes me want to scream. I get joy at Christmas by spending time thinking of the people in our lives and what they like and then finding something that I hope will make them smile when they open their present on Christmas Day.

Whatever happened to gift giving? In my life it seems to have become a sort of barter agreement. You get me this, Mum can get me that. I know that it is very likely that on Christmas Day there will not be a single surprise for me at all. Please don’t misunderstand me, I am grateful for the gifts that I receive and I do need towels and the other things that I have asked for. But would it have been that hard to spend some time thinking about what I might like. Something that isn’t necessarily needed or useful. Something beautiful that will make me smile, something special that every time I use I will think of you.

This year I picked most of the presents I am giving without any help from anyone. I thought about each person and I have bought something that I hope they will like. I have remembered meals where someone remarked how much they liked something I bought so I have tracked it down for them. I have crocheted my sister a scarf as she had admired the colours of the blanket I am making. I have bought her a metre of Jaffa cakes because she likes them. I remembered that when I went to visit my SIL she only had a pint glass to put flowers in so I have bought her a vase. My brother is getting a book I read that I think he will like. None of this was expensive, none of this took huge amounts of time. I would have liked to have made more presents this year but pregnancy and toddler taming made me realise that something had to give and that was it!

As I shopped online and wandered around town I have seen so many things that I could have given, or that someone could have given me. Perhaps next year I will just refuse to say what I want and see what happens. I hope that everyone likes the presents that I have chosen for them. Perhaps they won’t and I can laugh at their acting skills as they open them on Christmas Day. Either way I know that I am proud of the gifts that I have chosen.

Now I just need to wrap them all.


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