Letters to my children

Three and a half

February 14, 2013

Dear Piran,

Two weeks ago you turned three and a half. We celebrated with a half-birthday tea with cake. You asked for happy cakes, sausages wrapped in bacon and crisps. It was great fun.


The past three months have been cold. And dark. But this year you are not afraid of the dark outside like you were last year. You will happily walk from the car to the house without clinging to me like before, which is a relief I can tell you. You always want to be in front, “I’M the leader Mumma” you will say, pushing past Kate and I, almost knocking someone over on the way. You can never go straight to the car, you have to find a convoluted route. You like being outside, although we haven’t had as much opportunity recently. You loved the snow and keep asking for more so we can have snowball fights. This year there are lots of other children on our estate and the few snow days we had were like being back in summer again with all the children out all of the time, and if you looked out the window you would shout “Mummy my friends are there”.

You love to look at the window and see what is going on outside. You have switched rooms to the back of the house but you are happy because there is a blanket box in front of the window in Kate’s room so that is a favourite place. There or stood on the arm of the chair in the living room, hiding behind the curtain so sometimes when I come in the room it is like you have disappeared. You are very silly, and constantly pretend that you are falling or loosing your balance and stagger around. You love to be chased and to climb and jump on all the furniture. I am not so keen on that, especially as your sister copies everything that you do.

You have become much more confident and so much braver in the past few months. It makes me so happy to see you out there, being brave, doing things without insisting that you have to hang onto me at the same time. Your Bubba is just for sleeping and when you are upset these days, no more trips out and about for him. You and Kate copy everything the other one does. She makes you braver and you look after her. You are mad about each other and together all the time. I worry about how you will both react in six months time when you go to school but so much changes so quickly at your age so everything could be totally different by then.

IMG_9857We have had another difficult patch with you and sleep over the past few months. Things have been difficult here, with Daddy being away a lot and you always wanted someone to stay with you. In the end we moved your mattress onto our floor and for a few weeks you slept in our room, beside my side of the bed. You were happy there and Daddy and I got some space in our own bed. But two weeks ago we moved your bed into the bigger room and you have been amazing. We were all set for it to be really hard but you go to bed with minimum fuss and more importantly you stay in your room all night. We are so proud of you I can hardly say.

Other things we are proud of: that you can swim the width of the pool completely unaided, coming up to breathe when you need to with no help at all, other than me and Daddy shouting encouragement at you. How loving and kind you are to your sister most of the time, you even looked after her on the sofa when she was ill. That you can twirl spaghetti onto your fork and get it into your mouth. That you have made good friends at nursery. That you wrote your name for me for the first time recently. The list could go on and on.

You are always thinking. I know because you tell us. “Hmmm let me think” you say with your finger pressed to your mouth. It is possibly the cutest thing ever. I love the squeezy hugs you give me. I love that no matter how hard it has been with Daddy being away so much you were always more concerned for me than you. You found it hard to talk to him when he was away but you always had the best welcome home hugs for him.


I love that suddenly this week you let Daddy put you to bed. That was a really special moment. You love craft tv shows and always want to make what you see. You love cooking and baking. You sing a lot. You have started to make up your own songs. (My favourite isĀ  ‘I Love My Grandma’). You can be a moody so and so and on more than one occasion have flounced off to your bedroom and shut the door. If you get really annoyed or you really don’t want to do what we say you put your hands on your hips, stick your neck out and growl / shout. I try not to laugh but it is very funny. Current obsessions include: Let’s Play, Mister Maker, Duplo, Trains and Chocolate milk.

I could go on forever but this is a snapshot of you aged three and a half. In my eyes you seem so old and yet little and I can’t believe how fast you are growing up. Know that you are safe within our family and that you are loved deeply by many. Keep laughing, keep smiling, keep asking questions and playing I Spy. Keep being silly and demanding Mummy cuddles every morning.

Love always, Mumma x

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