Letters to my children

Three and a quarter

November 23, 2012

Dear Piran,

These letters are always written by me for you and I always wonder what you will think of them when you get to read them in the future. I am very conscious that this is my point of view, and recently I have been thinking a lot about how you see the world. This is a great age, full of discovery and the questions come thick and fast from your mouth every day. So, for a change, I decided that this letter would be you answering some questions for me. I asked you these over the breakfast table this morning.Kate laughed and wondered what we were doing I am sure.

What is your name? Piran

When were you born? Yesterday

How old are you? Good.

Who is your mummy? You. No. Grandma.

What does your mummy do? Work

Who is your daddy? He lives at work

What does your daddy do? He comes home when he has done his jobs

What is your favourite color? Red, Blue, Red, Pink, Red, Yellow

Can you pick one favourite colour? All of them.

What do you want to do when you grow up? Daddy’s work

What is your favorite food? Melon

What food do you not like? I don’t know *whispers* You know (okay, that was a bit sinister)

What is your favorite animal? Elephants and horses

Where do you want to live when you grow up? With elephants

What do mummy and daddy do after you go to bed? *silence*

What does daddy say? Singing.

What does mummy say? Stop. Stop. Stop. You are making that noise, stop it. (!)

What is your favourite story? The Hungry Caterpillar

What is your favourite song? Baa Baa Black Sheep

What is your favourite film? Hiccup (How to Train Your Dragon)

What is your favourite treat? CHOCOLATE FROG

Where is your favourite place to go out and eat? With the elephants

Who is your favourite person? Daddy

Who is your best friend? Mummy. My Other Daddy. (this is his friend Oliver – apparently when they play he is always his Dad and tells him what to do)

Who is your sister? Katie

Where did Kate come from? I don’t know. I was a baby yesterday.

What is your favourite place to go? Play at the park

What is your favourite thing to play with? Animals and Shops.

I love to see the world through your eyes. Everything is either Yesterday or Tomorrow. You are so confused about the fact it is now dark in the evening but not yet bedtime. You hate the dark and sleep with a light on. You will not leave the house in the evening without a torch. You know lots of songs and sing them to me and Kate. You really like whales and dolphins at the moment. You no longer want Mummy cuddles first, you usually head straight for Kate instead. You don’t cry when I drop you at nursery any more, just run off and play. You are our best boy and we love you so much.

Love Mum x

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