Letters to my children

Three and three quarters

May 1, 2013

Dear Piran,

piran april 2Today you turn three and three quarters. When people ask how old you are I don’t like saying three as it seems too young to describe you. You are so different to the little boy that turned three that I need to say something else. Almost four I guess. Eeek!

As you get older I find these letters a bit harder to write. There are less milestones to mention, and you do and say so much that I am never going to capture it all. So today I think I will just try and capture some things that have happened in the last few days.

Daddy is away this week, the first time in a while and you seem to be coping okay with it. You ask how many sleeps until he comes home and when I tell you “Four” you insist it is two sleeps and will not hear any different. If I ask you to do something and you feel the need to tell me something first you will shout at me “JUST LET ME SPEAK FIRST”. I have learned that I should let you get the thought out or we will be there all day. The sun is shining this week and so yesterday we went to the park twice. First to Nanny’s park and then to the park with the big slide. I love the names you give them all.

You played beautifully with Kate nearly all day yesyerday. You butt heads between 4-5 when she is tired and hungry and you are tired and hungry and everything gets a bit fraught. You have been excited to be “garderwing” every evening with Auntie Alison as she has been coming round to water Daddy’s plants. You are thrilled that we can all be outside so much more. Yesyerday you worked out how to turn the water butt tap on and spent ages filling yours and Kate’s watering cans and watering the plants. I knew you were up to something as you both went very quiet.

Kate can now chat away to you and we love listening to your conversations. Most mornings you will go and let her out of her room and then insist on coming into our bed, drinking milk and watching tv. You are Spiderman obsessed at the moment and love wearing your Spiderman socks. Unfortunately you just have two pairs so you get upset when I make you put them in the wash. You love to play make believe and spend a lot of time on buses going to London. If I try and join in but say something too literal you just shake you head and say “No Mumma it’s a tend” (pretend). You explain everything to Kate so she can play along, and you really are a very nice and very kind big brother. The two of you turn to each other for comfort and you are always helping her or sharing your things with her. Long may it last!

piran april 3On the way to Nanny’s this morning you suddenly looked so grown up, scooting ahead of me. You can out your own coat and shoes on and you can get yourself dressed when you can be bothered. You love wiggly pasta and rice. Your dancing is something to be seen, you throw yourself all around the floor like a really bad break dancer. You are obsessed with Walking with Dinosaurs, especially the sea monsters one and watch it every night before bed. You still have your Bubba as your constant companion. You have started sharing things with him, your dinner, saying he would like to do something outside, like he is a lot more real than he has ever been before. He is your best friend you tell me.

piran april 4Sometimes when I tell you off or we have cross words you say “You are not my best friend any more Mummy” and go and hide somewhere. You think it is very frustrating and dull that I will not let you play out the front on your own with the girls next door. You are stronger and braver than you have been in the past and I catch you climbing and trying new things and I am so glad. You have a new red bike with stabilisers that you love. I am so looking forward to spending the summer with you.

In September you will be going to Big School and we now know which one so we talk about it every now and then. I am not sure you really understand, but you will soon. I try not to worry too much about it but I just think that you are so young and can be so shy, I really hope that you will be okay. I am sure you will, even if it is a bit of a shock at first. It will be so strange with you gone every day, just around at weekends. I wish we could have one more year but you will learn a lot and you are such a lovely bright little boy it will be great for you.

I love you more than I can say and you make me feel so very happy every single day. Thank you for sofa cuddles and extra squeezy hugs when Daddy is away. Thank you for your silliness and laughter. Thank you for your love for your sister and your sensitivity. Thank you for being you.

Love, Mum xpiran april

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