Letters to my children


May 26, 2014

Dear Kate,

And now you are three. Every time I think that I am flummoxed. How can you be three already?


Birthday girl at the ‘Centre Garden’ where you had your party.

For some reason I am having trouble writing these letters to you and your brother. I missed your two and three quarters. Life was just so full on. Your dad is away during the week most weeks and that means that we all have a lot to do. We have a routine of school for Piran, nursery, Nanny & Grandad’s and meeting friends during the week and those weeks just pass by in a blur.

I am not so sure that I have the words to capture you. You are constant noise. Unless you meet someone new. If someone new talks to you you stick your front teeth out and make a sucking noise with your mouth closed. It freaks me out but it makes old ladies love you more. You always seem fine in any situation but we have found out that when people sing you Happy Birthday you hide and want it to stop. Your brother did exactly the same on his 3rd birthday.

You are all about getting your own way, and will happily shout at me to try and get me to do what you want me to. It doesn’t last long though and most times you just ask quietly and nicely when you realise I won’t back down. Sometimes you can be a nightmare at bedtimes but you dropped your nap months ago and that really helped. We never use a buggy anymore – you love to scoot and run about. And I love tiring you out so you sleep at night.

Best girls.

Best girls.

You wake early and loudly. This morning you were shouting for Piran to wake up from your bedroom at 5.45am. After years of you and your brother getting up early I can manage the early starts but I wish you would be a little sleepier and quieter first thing.

You love singing and dancing and bouncing. Always about the bouncing. We bought you a trampoline for your birthday so you would stop jumping on our bed all of the time. You know the words to lots of songs. You chatter away non stop all the time, unless you are asleep. It is exhausting but wonderful hearing your thoughts and opinions on everything.


Poorly girl. We knew you were ill because you were quiet!

Your best friends are Harvey and Huxley, Oscar and Eimear, and your big brother who you still miss (and he still misses you) like crazy when you are parted by school. You just want to do everything that he does. You have also learned how to wind him up and some days all I do is try and stop the two of you argusing and fighting and driving me mad. The two of you play fight and wrestle a lot – most of it is started by you.

You love to be outside. You love sticking and cutting and colouring and drawing. Yopu love books – right now your very favourite is Peter Rabbit “Don’t go into G-G-Gregors Garden” you tell me every night. You share your bed with two monkeys, a piggy, a gruffalo and the big bad mouse, a seahorse that plays music and a dog that sings and talks to you and knows your name. You have to have a pillow and a “big pushion” which is one of the big pillows out of my room.

You can get yourself dressed and undressed. You no longer wear nappies except at night time. You eat well, always hungry, especially in the mornings. You have been called ‘Three Breakfasts Kate’ many times. You love fruit, the more expensive the better. You watch Dora the Explorer, Frozen, Go Diego Go, and Power Rangers with your brother. You miss your Daddy a lot and often go looking for him around the house even though you know he is away at work.

You are bright and clever and very, very brilliant. Everyone tells you how beautiful and cute you are but I promise that you are so very very much more than that. Loud and fun and silly. Bloody minded. A creature of habit. You have an opinion on everything. You are very good at sharing – your brother will take advantage of that every time. You give fast, hard hugs (squeezeeeeeeeeeeeeee) and share kisses only when you want to. You are growing up fast and it scares me but life round here just gets more and more exciting now your baby days are over. I can’t wait for this summer, to spend all our time out and about having adventures.

Taking your first taxi ride very seriously.

Taking your first taxi ride very seriously.


Love you stroppy pants,

Mum x

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