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December 15, 2014

It would appear that some where along the line I have stopped blogging. I have always loved that if you look back at my blog you can see the ebb and fall of posting and being present. But recently it makes me sad that I don’t seem to write much or share much in this space. I think part of the problem is that I don’t know why I blog any more. I like to write about things I have made, but that in itself is something as I have a new creative outlet in sewing and so perhaps that takes away from having the time and inclination to blog. I do have free time though so that shouldn’t be an issue. Part of the problem I think is perfection. I don’t like sharing a post without a photograph in it, and then it needs to be the right photo and perhaps there is some editing to do and then that all seems like too much work and so I don’t do it.

The other contributing factor is perhaps that life is actually quite good. I used to pour my heart out on here about feeling so depressed and struggling so much. These days my day to day life is manageable. I am busy and happy that I am busy. There are things that I think about blogging about but sometimes just don’t know where to start and maybe part of me thinks that no one is interested in hearing me carry on about just stuff. Maybe I just don’t think that day to day life is bloggable.

That makes me sad though and so I have decided to set myself a challenge to sit and write for 15 minutes about nothing. And something. Whatever I have been doing, reading, thinking, talking about, watching. Just fifteen minutes of writing. If I have a photo that is relevant I will pop it in but only that, no fiddling, no editing. I will set my timer and off I will go. Really I just want to see some words on the page. (I also have a post from drafts and a review to do today so sorry if you are bombarded)


I cannot believe that it is the last week before school finishes. In fact today is Kate’s last day at nursery before Christmas. Thankfully I am properly prepared this year. Last year was a panicked disaster! Cards written, presents made or bought, wrapped and sent or squirreled away. I am excited because when Piran breaks up on Friday so does Mr C and he is off for the whole two weeks that the kids are. This makes me very happy. He has been away so much in this past year that I am really looking forward to having him home and all of us being together. We are having Christmas at home and will be visiting my family at some point too. I love Cornwall in the winter, I am hoping for some sunny days for beach walks. Fingers crossed. Mr C always seems so much happier and a lot less stressed when he is walking on a beach so I definitely prescribe some of that for him. He has worked so hard this year and is very tired and run down as a result. The fresh air will definitely do us all some good.

And that is my time for today. Happy Monday everyone.



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  • Reply PhotoPuddle December 16, 2014 at 12:41 pm

    The same has happened to me. I keep meaning to blog but it never happens. I do wonder if I ever will again. I hope so though because I love my little blog. My lack of blogging has been for the opposite reason to you though. It has been a stressful and not particularly happy jolly autumn for me and I don’t want to use my blog as I place for my moans and groans. I want it to be a happy place but I just haven’t got the energy for that right now.

    • Reply Kelly December 16, 2014 at 5:19 pm

      It is funny what keeps us from blogging. Do you still find the photos that you want to share or have you stopped doing that too. It can be hard to get going I know but if blogging made you happy maybe getting back into it could help you find that energy you need. I do love your blog and hope you find your way back at some point x

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