Today I am happy because of…

April 3, 2007
Yes, you did read that right and no I have not gone completely insane. Today is the day that we are having the carpet laid in our new house and when that is done that means that we will be able to give it a final clean and then I will be able to move in.
I am just so completely excited. It will be so weird actually living there. Weird but totally wonderful I am sure. It is clean and shiny and painted and full of cupboards just ready to be filled with all our stuff :o)
What this means is of course that sometime in the not so distant future I will have that rare and wonderful thing that I have been missing so much. Free time.
Which is perfect because I just bought me one of these and now I will have a little store of hours and hours of TV to watch.
Mind you I am saving all that for just over a week’s time when I am having a silly operation on one of my teeth which means I will be laid up at home for days recuperating (and not showing my face because in the dentists own words I will look like I have been hit in the face with a door) so I will need a lot of TV to keep me amused!


  • Reply Jonathan April 3, 2007 at 6:20 pm

    You may have added some information at the end of your post that you may not want out there.

  • Reply Dancinfairy April 3, 2007 at 11:10 pm

    Whoops. thanks for the heads up Jonathan.

    Just goes to show how tired I am at the moment.

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