The one with the dentist

August 16, 2007

Today is Thursday. I am a very happy little Fairy at the moment as I only have two more sleeps until my holiday! I spent last night texting my sister and started to get me really excited about the weekend. Apparently my three year old nephew is almost bursting with excitement. He is going camping and he gets to see his favourite Aunty! Sis says that he is driving her crazy. I think GF might agree with the crazy thing at the moment as I am starting to be as bad.

The dental torture turned out to be okay. the dentist barely glanced in my mouth before announcing that I was good for another six months, and then decided that I wouldn’t be charged for some strange reason. Could it be that he is feeling sorry about the fact last time I went he wiggled the tooth that had the apicetomy so hard that I thought all the good work (and torture – having that done really was torture) was about to be for nothing. Anyway, then I had the Hygienist and she was actually really nice. I am apparently brushing my teeth completely the wrong way and she showed me how to do it properly. She was really funny actually, very jolly. She cleaned my teeth with a super sonic something or other and then polished them. Lovely.

So, that was all a lot of worry for nothing really!

So as usual, I have a million lists for getting ready to go away this weekend and I have a plan of everything I need to do and when I need to do it. I have lists for things we need to take. A list of the clothes I want to take. A list of the food we need to buy. My plan looks like this!
This evening: Go shopping and buy supplies for holiday. Put everything I want to take in living room. Pack clothes.
Tomorrow evening: Go to GF’s Mum’s for dinner. Pack Car. Early night.
Saturday 6am: Leave!!!!
We are going camping for a week here. Oh look, sandy beach. If I am feeling brave I might even swim in the sea. We are going with Sis, her man, my gorgeous 3 year old nephew, Best Friend (who is 3 months pregnant), her man, his 10 year old daughter and their 3 year old daughter. Crazy. It will be a lot of fun. Have I mentioned that I am very excited and cannot wait!

Well I had better do some more work (or perhaps more Simpsons Characters….hmmm)

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  • Reply monkey typist August 18, 2007 at 3:30 pm

    youve just reminded me im very very far past my last dentists check up.

    hope youre holidays fab so far

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