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Tommee Tippee Review – Explora cups

September 14, 2010

At CyberMummy I was chatting to the lovely ladies on the Tommee Tippee stall and discussing with them the fact that Piran was just about to turn one and I was trying to find something that would help me move him over from a bottle to a cup for drinking his milk. He has always used one of their simple flip spout cups for water but getting him to drink milk from anything other than a bottle is difficult.

They sent me two cups to try:

Explora First Sips

This cup is somewhere between a bottle and a cup. I found it too small for Piran, once half the liquid was gone he had to tip it up too far to get anything out, craning his neck. What I did like though is the lid and the handles fit on the closer to nature bottles which we have always used so I have added the handles onto his night time bottles to try and get him to at least hold on and give himself milk. I want to be able to read him a story and figure by now he should be able to hold his own bottle. However he seems adamant that it is my job! I will try and persevere.

Explora Easy Drink Cup

This is more like a traditional sippy cup. It seemed to be easy to hold and the handles were good to grab hold of. Piran seemed to like this cup straight away and I liked it because he couldn’t spill anything when he inevitably turned it upside down. However, to stop it leaking you had to put the lid on very tight, and at times I have had trouble trying to undo it! Also, when it is full of liquid it seemed to me that Piran was finding it a little heavy.

So, we are still in the trial and error stages. I am trying to stop Piran using a bottle at breakfast time, but I am yet to find that elusive thing, the perfect cup. We have tried a few I tell you! Do let me know if you have any tips.

Disclosure: We were provided with two free cups for the purpose of this review.

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