Tuesday afternoon

July 25, 2006

Think I might rename my blog Half a post. I started the other post yesterday and never managed to finish it. Don’t seem to be able to finish anything that I start at the moment. Except books. I am reading so much at the minute but it is all in preparation for something that I might do towards the end of the year so I am filling myself to the top with fiction.

Nothing exciting to report here today. Hot – check. Bored with work – check. I took my car into the tyre place on the way to work and apparently I need four new tyres. I am going to make do with 2 and swap the others around a bit more and then will have to get another one when I get paid again I guess. The brakes still need doing too. It is costing me loads and I am hardly using the car at all at the moment. I am almost tempted to get rid of it but having moved to the country I think that would be a little too much for me!

We are getting a table and chairs for the house this evening and I plan on having a Korma sat at the table (finally I am so sick of eating with a tray on my lap) then a bit of Lost too. This will be the third week in a row that I have watched it by myself (or with Paul trying to distract me) and not with the girls and I have decided that I enjoy it a lot more when we are all together.

This is a dull post. It’s too hot to be interesting or funny! Still good things to look forward to this week. G#1’s birthday today – Happy Birthday. She has been in Norway for a long weekend but I think we are going out for a couple of drinks either tomorrow or Thurday. Then Friday night I am out for my birthday with people from work. Saturday which is my birthday I am going for some retail therapy and to get my hair cut (or maybe not depending on rain and money issues) then out with my friends for drinks and food. Then on Sunday it is Paul’s birthday and he doesn’t know where he is going yet but I am taking him to Clapham Common for Ben & Jerry’s Summer Sundae – free ice cream and some good music. Meeting up with friends there too so it will be a tiring but fun birthday weekend!

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