Letters to my children

Two and a quarter

September 19, 2013

Dear Kate,

Every three months I usually write you a letter. You turned two and a quarter a few weeks ago and for a number of reasons it just hasn’t been done. It annoys me that something I have kept up so long has not been done this time so I have decided to borrow an idea from our good friend Emily and write a list of small things about you.

  • All of the crazy
  • Your big blonde curly hair
  • Your laugh
  • The way you scream when you are excited or see someone you know
  • The way you have a growing number of stuffed creatures that you love. Bubba Monkey, Bubba, Lion, Dolly, Big Dolly, Froggie, Piggie, Rabbit, other rabbit and a blanket
  • The way you try and carry them all into our room in the morning
  • How you wake up at 5 and you are AWAKE AND READY TO GO.
  • Rare, quick cuddles.
  • Longer squeezes when I am really lucky
  • The way you pat my back when we cuddle
  • Your love of bouncing
  • Your love of The Wiggles and anything else that involves dancing
  • The way you know and use everyone’s names
  • The way you love your brother
  • How you throw yourself at Piran when he gets out of school, desperate for a cuddle
  • How much you love nursery
  • How you know exactly what you want and are not afraid to tell people
  • The amount that you drink each day
  • Saying “I’m hungry” when you are already eating a snack
  • The way you love fruit
  • Crossed arms and “harrumph” noises
  • Picking what you want to wear
  • Being very stubborn
  • The way you greet your Daddy when he gets home
  • You say “I have to RUN” and charge off
  • You don’t like people walking behind you
  • The fact we have proper conversations already
  • How you know the words to so many songs
  • How you sing loudly in the car
  • How you put your head on trhe ground and your bum in the air when you don’t want you hair brushed
  • How you love having your nails trimmed
  • How much you progressed at swimming over the summer
  • Your fearlessness
  • Your sudden shyness, linked to Piran being in school I think
  • The way you climb and fidget and never sit still

We love all this about you and so much more.

Love Mum x


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