Letters to my children

Two and three quarters

May 5, 2012

Dear Piran,

Earlier this week you turned two and three quarters. I look at you and realise that I you are nearly three years old and part of me feels a little sad that I have been so busy that the past year has been a bit of a blur. A year ago today you met your brand new little sister for the first time and as I watched videos of that day earlier I was amazed by how much you have changed. Back then it was one word at a time, now it is reams and reams of words and sentences and oh my never a quiet moment except when we meet someone new or go somewhere different and then you stick to me like glue and hide your face and beg to be picked up.

And that is no mean feat these days. You are gangly and heavy and I am sure that it does my back no good to pick you up but I still do it because you give the best squeezy cuddles and hang on so tightly and I don’t want it to stop.

It is always quite hard to capture three months in these letters, I forget so much but I will give it a try. You love films, any that I will let you watch and you tend to pick a favourite that you want to watch every day. Over the past few months it has been Cars, Cars 2, Shrek, Shrek 2, Shrek 3 most of the time. Occasionally I can talk you into watching something else but not very often! You like music and dancing. The one song you will always dance to is ‘Moves like Jagger’ by Maroon Five. It is very cute.

You will still only drink milk and water. You would eat eggs all day long if I let you. You never want a meal when I make it, but you insist that it is left on the table for the next two hours until you feel like picking your way through it. Unless it is beans or eggs. You will eat that straight away. And biscuits and cake too.

You love to play with cars and Playmobil. You really love space rockets at the moment. And superheroes. When we go out you are usually very well behaved and we are usually so proud of you. You have your moments but mostly it is at home behind closed doors and that is preferable. You are at the stage where everything has to be done precisely how you want it to to done and if i cannot / do not comply IT IS THE END OF THE WORLD AND YOU WILL CRY AND CRY AND CRY AND STOMP OFF AND SOB AND SOB AND SOB and then walk back in the room twenty minutes later saying “I’m alright now, I stop crying” and get one with whatever it was you were doing before the world ended.

You don’t like getting dressed, getting undressed, nappy changing, the games that I suggest, when I want to sing (occasionally), various foods depending on the day of the week / mood you are in / position of the moon, watching my TV programmes, wearing shoes or your coat most of the time. This week we were upstairs and told you that you had to do something and you stuck your bottom lip out and flounced out of the room in a perfect teenager-esque manner. It was absolutely hilarious and the more it made your Dad and me laugh the more you sulked. Then just wandered back in, told us you were okay now and off you went to bed! You point blank refuse to go anywhere near a toilet or potty so no toilet training yet. At some point I think I will just have to make you do it!

You are fun to be with and have a great growing imagination that makes me smile so much. You are also exhausting but that is okay, you are two and you know what you want and when and how you want it. You are learning how you fit in this world and that is quite a thing to learn. There is a lot of change happening in our lives each week, Daddy spends a lot of time working away from home and it is hard for you to know whether he will be there or not when you wake up each morning. We are all learning how to manage this and I am doing my best to make it easy for you. We all miss him when he is not here, and he misses you a huge amount too.

You are silly and crazy and there is nothing like the way you say “I love you too Mummy” when I tell you I love you. You make brilliant animal noises and funny faces. You love your sister and give her kisses and cuddles and play so well with her. You were beautifully behaved at her party yesterday and it was so sweet seeing you help her with her presents.

I adore you, my little boy. I cannot believe that the next time I write you a letter you will be three years old.

Love Mum x

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