Unfeasable undertakings for 2006

January 2, 2006

U is a hard letter to start the title with, all the words are un this and un that. Saying that I like what I came up with!

Well people, here we are, the first day of 2006 is almost over and done with and do you know what? If felt remarkably like 2005!

So Before the clock strikes 12 and I turn into a pumpkin or a mouse or a piece of cheese or something here are my 2006 resolutions. I expect most of them to be broken fairly soon as I have no will power at all.

Stop Smoking: It’s that old chesnut – but I have promised Dippy Mum and anyway it is a disgusting habit that will kill me. I have not decided what day is D Day but it will be this week. Expect ranting posts about very little over the next few weeks!

I will not contact Sam: The numbers and email addresses have been deleted. As have all old messages and emails. This is a bit drastic but if I don’t then I will just get pissed and bugger this up straight away.

Pay off my debts: This is obtainable if I am very careful with my money this year. I really, really want to do this. Dippy Mum is helping and I will have paid her it all back by this time next year.

Do something that scares me at least once a month: Luckily for me this does not have to be of the ‘throw myself out a plane’ variety as talking to strangers and going places I have never been before scare me.

So that’s me for 2006. I really hope that this is a good year for each and every one of you and that great things happen that make you happier than you could have ever dreamed.

@@@ @@@ @@@ @@@ @@@

I had a pleasant evening last night. In no way could it be described as epic but I consoled myself with the memory of Eeshee’s birthday celebrations and made myself another drink! The dreaded moment at midnight where I would be the only single one with no one to kiss thankfully passed without incident as the men were being er, manly and running round our field lighting fireworks that woke all the kids up and pissed the girls off a lot. I stayed out of it and made myself another drink!

No hangover today which was a nice change to start the year! I’ve had a nice relaxing day sat in with Dippy Mum trying to sort out all the books I have had stored under her stairs for the past year and a half, which I will now attempt to sell on ebay! Exciting stuff. Oh and I watched Gone with the Wind for the first time which was pretty cool but would have been better if I didn’t endure all 3 and a half hours of it just to have Dippy Mum talk all over the end.

This evening I went to the local for a couple of non alcoholic drinks (it’s the big road trip tomorrow) and a proper sit down and catch up chat with Eeshee. Which was lovely but makes me want to leave here even less as she is cool and I miss her loads. Actually i really don’t want to go back to Brighton at all. I think it was the combination of not being home for 4 months followed by a long break but I keep thinking that the only real reason I have to go back is my job and that is a sucky reason. Now those of you that read this and are back in Brighton, please do not take this the wrong way! It’s just that my heart belongs here and I miss it so much. Never fear though I am not going anywhere until these debts are paid off!!!! So I’ll see you all soon!


  • Reply soulmining January 2, 2006 at 12:18 pm

    Happy New Year! Good luck with all your New Year resolutions… I’m really crap and can’t think of any good ones this year.
    Have a safe journey back and look forward to seeing you soon.

  • Reply kate January 2, 2006 at 3:16 pm

    hey, i think i should start doing things that scare me once a month. that’s a good one.

    happy new year kel.

  • Reply monkey typist January 2, 2006 at 3:54 pm

    good ideas, im sure you’ll last. very brave of you re:that boy, probably for the best though, i know how tempting it is since i hold out texting the boy for oh, 10 seconds (5 when drunk, but takes far longer to actually text)

  • Reply Adz January 3, 2006 at 5:04 pm

    Im sure you can do all your resolutions! Talking to strangers and going to scary places gets easier the more you do it! Then it isn’t scary no more!

  • Reply Doug January 3, 2006 at 9:32 pm

    I think the Stop Smoking bit has been on my list for the last 5 years. It was supposed to be a Y2K resolution and has been ever since.

  • Reply Miggyman January 5, 2006 at 11:52 am

    Good luck with your New Year resolutions Kelly.

    I hope you have a great year

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