Verona: Thursday Morning

February 21, 2006

Thursday morning was a very early start (we left our flat at 4am) but we made it to the airport and managed to park the car and get to the terminal with no problems.

After we checked in it was straight to Weatherspoons for a tea and a bacon sandwich. At this point I also took a couple of Diazepam because I had had very little sleep and was reaching critical mass. I am not scared of planes and flying but I hate travelling.

Within 30 mins I was wandering round the shops with a great big grin on my face with big eyes looking at all the shiny, pretty things in the shops. G#2 managed to restrain me enough and I only bought one bottle of perfume which I really love.

Then there was the plane. Dull, grey day when we took off and thanks to the tablets I was asleep very shortly after we broke through the clouds and saw the sun rising. Then when I woke up a hour later – Mountains!!!

More mountains!

They were so cool. Look MORE mountains!

Okay. Enough Mountains. Then we flew over Lake Garda as we landed. Very cool indeed. We managed to get the bus to the station and then after wandering about for 10 minutes we plucked up the courage to ask some policemen directions to the hotel (which was less than 5 minutes walk away which was a result).

Afetr crossing many roads and therefore taking our own lives into our hands because they drive like CRAZY LUNATICS we checked in and got settled in our room.

Still to come…..Roman soldiers, drinking in the sun, fun restaurants, a dippy woman in the tourist information and much, much more. Watch this space.


  • Reply Doug February 21, 2006 at 3:40 pm

    Do I have to watch this exact space? With all the pictures of mountains, I thought maybe you were going to break down into some Alive type story where you had to eat G#2 to survive….

  • Reply dragonfly February 21, 2006 at 5:52 pm

    The mountains are gorgeous. I need a serious vacation – to the top of one of those snow covered peaks… in a little hut.. by myself (it looks Peaceful!). Can’t wait to hear more about your trip to Verona. Probably more fun than a solitary hut on a cold mountain!

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