December 13, 2006

Today I really have nothing to say.
Sometimes this Holidailies thing is so hard.
I only worked half a day today.
Then I got a train to Brighton.
And met my lovely friend Aisha.
We went shopping.
I bought Howl’s Moving Castle as a treat.
I love that film.
Came home.
Drank tea and watched a film.
Had Marks & Spencer curries.
Watched tv.
Had apple crumble and custard.
Watched more tv.
Now I am full.
And happy.
And relaxed.

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  • Reply cinemagypsy December 13, 2006 at 10:18 pm

    Wow, I loved Howl’s Moving Castle. Isn’t Howl just gorgeous?

    Gosh you did so many neat things and feel you have nothing to say. Let’s see. Anyone make you laugh? Any cute guys on the train? How about catching up with Aisha. Why is she so lovely?
    You’ve got a milion things to say…Apple crumble and custard, you lucky dog!

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