Week 11

December 27, 2008

Christmas, pregnancy and the flu, what a brilliant combination. I spend Monday to Wednesday off work in bed. The problem is not being able to take any flu remedies. That is a nightmare! So I miss my last three days at work, which is sort of a blessing in disguise as at least I don’t have to lie to every one about how excited I am over the honeymoon!

I manage to get out bed for a few hours on Christmas day and make it round to the in laws for Christmas dinner but the next morning I have a sinus headache that is so painful that I am in tears so we end up calling NHS Direct who just tell me to take paracetamol. Which helps a little.

It is very cold at the moment (for here anyway) and I don’t much like going outside as the flu completely zapped me. Still I know that I am better when I start having the nausea again! Dippy Mum and the StepDemon turn up today. It is lovely to see them and nice to talk about the baby a bit more with someone other than Mr C.

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