Week 14

January 22, 2009

This is a rollercoaster week! We finished painting the bedroom at the weekend and it looks really nice. I had a bit of a burst of energy on the Sunday which was a pleasant surprise. I also started doing some college work again which was a bit of a struggle but quite a joy once I got into it. The hardest thing was not smoking, almost the worst I had felt it as when I was working I would always break it up with breaks for a cigarette. Instead I had breaks for episodes of The Gilmore Girls which I do not think is as conducive to doing work as they are like 40 minutes long instead of 10!

Monday we went to stay in a hotel in the Cotswolds. It was a nice hotel, small and quiet. We had a room with a four poster bed and it was massive, it also had 3 sofas and was big enough for me to pace around when I had trouble digesting my dinner. The food was included and we had two nights of sleeping in a cloud (the bed was all comfy with big white softness galore) and 5 course dinners and full English breakfasts. We came home on Wednesday via the shopping centre in Portsmouth where I got in a sulk because there are so many sales and there are so many nice things that I would love but I have to keep my money for maternity clothes. Typical.

Thursday was brilliant. We had the scan appointment first thing and seeing the baby in there, jumping around like a crazy thing was the most amazing thing ever. It really hit home that there is a living thing inside of me (why is it all I can think of is the Alien films?). We are at 14 weeks so the high chance of a miscarriage has passed but I still live in fear of something going wrong. I just need to look after myself that is all. Anyway, little baby C has all of the required parts and we have seen it for real which is wonderful. We are still on holiday so we went into work on the way home to break the news to everyone at work. It was harder for me than Mr C, I was really worried about it. For him, it is just good news. For me it was like walking through the door and announcing that I am leaving (at least for a while) and as I have staff that I look after it really affects them.

Thursday night was lovely, I went to see Cabaret with Mouldy, he was so sweet, treating me like I was really fragile, making sure I was ok and comfortable. It was really nice. On Friday I went and saw my lovely homeopath and did some shopping then went to Lovely Lady’s house for dinner and girlie chat.

Saturday came and it was time for more painting! I was really dizzy though so Mr C did most of it and I laid on the sofa!

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