Week 2

December 19, 2008

Stitches have came out at the beginning of the week which is great. I cannot believe how painful it was this time, so much worse that previously. Still, fingers and toes crossed that they have gone and got it this time. Not a lot else happening, although the idea of sex does not frighten me in the way that it did last week when moving in general was painful and getting a good nights sleep was impossible. At the beginning of the week it seems to soon but perhaps by the weekend. I briefly think about dates and ovulation but I am determined not to focus on that too much. That said, I work out that the today is 13 days after my period so look to finding the energy. God that sounds so sad but the fact is that after these operations I do not feel in the slightest bit sexy with bandages and steristrips and the like so it takes some relaxing before I will consider it. I did start taking my vitamins again at the beginning of the week though.

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