Week 3

December 20, 2008

Paul and I had a lovely weekend, and managed to fill it with quite a lot of sex (for us anyway). With the hidradenitis and all of the operations and health problems that I have had this year my libido fluctuates more than a unstable thing so 4 days or so of continued sex makes a change. It also makes a very happy Mr C which is nice to see. Bless him. He is enjoying this. I need to make sure that I keep it up though and it is not just about the times when I think that I am most fertile as that is not fair. however, if it works, and therefore we are having sex more than usual, well it cannot be a bad thing can it?

Off to see the homeopath today. Her name is Amanda and she is lovely. I really enjoy talking to her. It is nice to talk to someone about everything that is wrong with me, and that has been wrong with me in the past and not feel like I am just complaining. It is better than going to the doctors as well as we chat for a hour and then she gives me something to take to help with my anxiety and everything. The thought of going to Cuba for our honeymoon scares the bejesus out of me but it is a couple of months off yet. Paul is off to Germany for almost a week tomorrow so I am meeting Girlie number 2 for a nice lunch in town so I will buy myself a book on Cuba to read which should help.

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