Week 4

December 21, 2008

Not a brilliant week this week really. Mr C left on Sunday and I got the bus into Brighton and had a lovely lunch with Girlie number 2. Had a bit too much red wine but the food was delicious and it was nice to spend a few hours with her. We were talking about Cuba and the fact that Mr C and I have started trying for a baby. I joked that it was just my luck that I would end up pregnant before I went so would miss out on all those lovely Mojitos. She asked me why didn’t we wait until after we get back but I am so convinced that it will take months and months to get pregnant that I don’t want to wait until we get back.

The rest of the week was pants. Mr C was away until Thursday night and I had a work thing to go to that night. I can tell my period is due as my confidence is rock bottom and I spent 35 minutes sat on my bed trying to work out how to get out of it. In the end I pulled myself together and got sorted. I have a lump coming up on my bottom (this is my hidradenitis). It is rock hard and pea shaped on Thursday morning but by the time that I go out in the evening it has swollen to 3-4 times the size and it is now soft and squishy and it hurts to walk and sit down and pretty much everything else. I am mightily unhappy and excuse myself once the pudding has come and limp to the train station to gt home. I am so overjoyed to see Mr C when he picks me up. I feel shattered this weekend and just have a quiet one with just the two of us. next weekend is Cornwall for Mum’s 60th so we are saving up our energy.

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