Week 5

December 22, 2008

My period was due last Saturday but there was no sign of it. I wondered for a while then decided that actually i think it had been coming a day late each time so it probably came on Sunday last month so it would be Monday this month. I seem to have aches in my belly, just like period pain so I am fully expecting a humdinger at any time. By Monday with no period I am getting a little twitchy. I mention it to Mr C but come to the conclusion that it is not coming because I am thinking about it at least every other second. I toy with the idea of doing a test but in the end just give myself a stern talking to and try not to run to the toilet every time I think I feel even the slightest bit damp.

Tuesday – still nothing. Very odd, I was convinced it would come yesterday. In the end I make Mr C stop at the chemists on the way home so I can buy a test. It comes in a handy pack of two and for the first time in my life I was not embarrassed to be buying it, probably because I am practically 10 years older than the last time I did one. I had refused to buy one in the supermarket, either in town or the one by work just in case someone saw me! The lady says “Good Luck” as she sells it to me, which strikes me as odd, but I reason that it could be taken either way and just be “I hope you get the result you want”.

Mr C’s sister was over to watch the football so I amuse myself on the internet, sorting out travel insurance and messing about on Facebook. Part of me just wants to go and do the test now but if it is positive and we were not alone I would struggle to keep my mouth shut. She leaves and then we went upstairs to watch CSI in bed. I then appeared to have the fear as I couldn’t bring myself to go and do it. It was odd doing it with someone there too, I have always done this sort of thing on my own in the past. Halfway through I go and pee in a cup because I am scared that if I pee on the stick I will get it wrong. 20 seconds in the wee, cap on and it goes upside down on the bedside table. It seems that these things only take 1 minute these days (what happened to 3?) and before I know it Mr C is pointing out it has been more than a minute. I pick it up and I stop breathing. It is a bit of a blur but there is a strong possibility I said “Fuck, it’s positive”. The second line was faint but there. then I giggled, then I cried, then we turned off CSI and just sat in bed saying Crikey and Fuck and Wow a lot. I just cannot believe I am pregnant after trying for just one month. Mr C keeps grinning and I swear I heard him use the words “Super Sperm”.

Next day and I was up first thing. Well I hadn’t really slept and I had to do test number 2 just to be sure. This time I watched it as the blue line appeared in both windows. I read the booklet again just to be sure and was confronted with the fact that you can have a false negative, but never a false positive. So that is it then. Officially up the duff. So I made an appointment with the doctor as I didn’t know what else to do. She was nice and just filled in some details on the computer and told me that if I have my dates right the baby will be due 18th July (ohh, 11 days before my bithday, 12 before Mr C’s). Then it all turned scary. I mentioned the fact that I didn’t think I was pregnant because I had been having what I thought were period pains and she then told me that there was a chance that the pregnancy was ectopic and so I must have two blood tests 48 hours apart to check my hormone levels. The bottom fell out of my world at this point. The first was on Thursday morning, the second would be on Saturday which meant that we couldn’t go away for the weekend. I became slightly irrational at this point as it was Mum’s 60th birthday, a big deal and I wanted to be there so much. In the end she agreed that I could go as long as I found someone to do the blood test for me in Cornwall.

Mr C was waiting for me in town and god knows what he thought when he first saw me, balling my eyes out. Something that had been so wonderful was now so frightening. I went for the blood test on Thursday and then we travelled down to Cornwall. My hidradenitis had flared up and because I am pregnant, no painkillers so sitting down in the car for 6 hours was bloody painful. But in the end we made it there.

Mr C and I had decided that we would have to tell my Mum about the pregnancy because we needed to slope off on Saturday morning to the hospital and she would need to cover for us. I also wanted to tell my sister because she has always told me the minute she found out she was pregnant. Mum nearly exploded, she was so happy, but we had to warn her that we were not allowed to get excited about this until we have the results. Sez was her usual self when I told her, she was happy for us and told me not to worry about the tests then said “Don’t be a bloddy hero, have an epidural.” Love that girl.

We went to the hospital on Saturday morning first thing and they took my blood. We then went off for a couple of hours then came back. They told us that my level of hCG had increased by 71% in 48 hours. It wasn’t the doubling that they had hoped for but the doctor said as it was over 60% they were fairly confident that the pregnancy was okay.

We came back on Sunday and the rest of that week was a number of doctors appointments until they decided I was okay and then they booked me in with the midwife for the 3rd December and that was that. I did ask the doctor about the fact that we are going to Cuba but she checked in her book and it seems that the vaccinations are okay if they are not live ones.

We spend the rest of the week just getting used to the idea.

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