Week 7

December 24, 2008

On Sunday Mr C’s best man, his wife and their two kids came round for Sunday lunch which was nice. We had to hide the pregnancy books and keep our mouths shut. I know Mr C would love to tell them but I live in fear of loosing this baby and only want to tell people who would know if I have a miscarriage so we hold off for now. Besides my Dad is still on his 3 week Caribbean cruise so I have not been able to tell him yet.

He does get back on Wednesday though and eventually I get through to talk to him. I let him witter on for 15 minutes all about his holiday and baby Chloe and everything else. I am finally able to get a word in edgeways and tell him that I am pregnany. Mr C had bet me that my dad would cry and he won because my Dad couldn’t speak and had to pass the telephone to my step mum so I could tell her too while he pulled himself together. We told them that it was still early days and for now we were just telling parents (well and Sez who doesn’t count).

Friday night I fell asleep on the sofa straight after dinner and was woken by a telephone call from my mother who decided that now my Dad knew I should tell my brother because it wasn’t fair that he didn’t know. I put the phone down and then lost it entirely, crying and hiding from Mr C. It was because I am just so tired and I want to tell my brother but it is hard over the telephone and he has been trying for a baby for two years with his fiance and I just don’t want to rub their faces in it as it is obvious it happened first time for us.

I am just to tired to deal with all of this.

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