Week 8

December 25, 2008

I was meant to be on a course in London last weekend, but I woke up early on Saturday morning and couldn’t get up. I ended up sleeping continuously all weekend which was fun but not very productive, plus I wasted the money I spent on the course.

I broke down and cried after something at work and ended up telling Lovely Lady that I was pregnant and not insane as she may have thought.

I keep calling the baby coffee bean baby with a poppy seed heart as that it what the book says but I think I might have to start calling it something else. We have decided on Smeglet as that is what the Stepdemon calls me.

I am incapable of……..getting through a day without feeling sick, finding anything I want to eat, going for a poo, getting up less than 4 times a night to wee, drink tea in the mornings, stay awake past 10pm, continue on a train of thought.

I have switched to plain folic acid instead of the multivitamin type as I thought the iron might be making the poo situation worse but it doesn’t seem to have had that much of an effect. Mr C must be so bored about hearing about my digestive issues. Poor guy. Still he keeps staring at my slightly inflated chest and grinning so I think he is happy.

On Thursday I go and see the midwife – she tells me about the screening tests, I pick the hospital I would like to go to and that is about it. I feel rushed and a bit stupid really, this is my first pregnancy and I know nothing so I was expecting a bit more really. We discuss the 12 week scan and because we go on holiday at exactly 12 weeks I have to have it closer to 14 weeks. Right at the end I remember to ask about vaccinations and she says that there is absolutely no way that I can have them. I leave a little dazed and confused by the whole thing.

Friday I tell my boss as it is the end of the year and we are making pans for next year and I only think that it is fair that I tell her that the likelihood is that I will not be here for half of it. She takes it better than I expected and is positive about what I could do when I come back after the baby (I hope I will not need to but we will see).

The weekend starts with me laid up in bed with a sinus headache that is so painful it is bordering on a migrane.

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