Week 9

December 26, 2008

Reading my book tells me things are starting to kick off with little Smeglet round about now. This week it is about 1.5 – 2 cm long. Crikey. The week starts off as the last one ended with me confined to my bed.

I am confused regarding the weeks. Today is the 13th December which by my reckoning is the end of week 9 beginning of week 10. That is if I am counting as 7 days after my last period being one week. Perhaps I should count back from my due date? Hmm I get the same answer. But I am sure that they said that on the 4th Jan I will be 12 weeks. Which is three weeks away. So is the end of the 12 weeks? Ah ha that is beginning to make sense.

Pregnancy is officially mental. I am all over the place.

We cancelled our holiday on Monday. We are meant to be going to Cuba on honeymoon but I cannot have the vaccinations and I do not want to risk traveling without them so that is that. Hopefully we will get some of the money back, and then we will try and claim the rest on our insurance.

Other than that I just feel ill all of the time which is a pile of rubbish. I end up having Thursday and friday off work and I am still in bed today. I just give up to be honest.

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