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October 25, 2009

It is that time of the week again already. Time is precious at the weekend as a family so this will be a brief one this week (last week’s was quite long). So with no further ado, I give you this week’s offerings from my google reader.

There is a bit of a theme this week – all of these posts made me laugh. On a wet and rainy day like today we need all the fun we can get!

Sally at Who’s the Mummy has the tale of an interesting show and tell incident and Flea’s newly increased vocabulary.

Tara at Sticky Fingers has issues with Santa and is trying to explain grown up parties.

Brit in Bosnia’s one sided conversation in things she said to her husband.

Rachel is trying to understand what FP wants.

Lastly, English Mum is trying to explain political correctness.

I hope these amuse you as they amused me. Hope next week is full of sunshine and joy.

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