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ZingZilla’s review – The Album

October 5, 2010

Initial thoughts: We watch a lot of Cbeebies in this house it is fair to say. However, Piran does not yet show much of a preference so the shows we watch are the ones I can tolerate! I like the concept of Zingzillas but in reality they scare me a little. It is the way that they occasionally try and imitate how monkeys move. Totally freaks me out. So I wasn’t sure what I would make of the album.

We liked: There was a lot to like actually. The songs are catchy but none of them have particularly annoyed me on the first few plays. There are 26 tracks which seemed like a lot to me. I actually even quite like some of the songs, Welcome to the Island and Drift Away in particular.

We didn’t like: One of the only things I like about the show is the birds that sing the disaster song when something goes wrong. I remember tweeting that life would be better if you had birds singing the disaster song when things went wrong so I was disappointed that this wasn’t on there as a filler between the tracks.

Overall: Piran always stops what he is doing when there is music on the television but this didn’t have the same effect as he is used to hearing music without the television on. He is too young to recognise particular songs and so I think he is probably a little too young at 14 months. That said, I am sure there will become a time when it is much more popular with him.

Further information: October sees the release of ZingZilllas: The album, which will be available on CD and digital download. The album includes the band’s first single, Do you Didgeridoo? As well as an extended version of the infectiously catchy ZingZillas theme tune.

Serving up listeners with a host of world music from over 20 counties, the album features 26 tracks including hits such as Bhangra Beat, The Great ZingZilla Band and Let’s Hear You Scat

Certain to get fans singing, grooving and dancing just like their favourite primate friends, Zingzillas: The Album will be available through all good retailers.

Release Date: 4th October 2010
RRP £9.99

Disclaimer: We were sent a free copy of this album to review.

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